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John Berkavitch presents SHAME
Shadow Artist application information.

In January 2014, John Berkavitch and company are scheduled to begin devising and rehearsal of an exciting new full-length spoken-word theatre show called SHAME.


The production is a spoken-word piece with integrated dance and animation, written and performed by poet John Berkavitch.


Joined on stage by three Breakdancers, who physically manipulate, interrogate and enable him; Berkavitch tells five interwoven stories about the moments in his life that he is most ashamed of in an attempt to explore what it is to regret.


A 35 minute scratch version of SHAME toured in March 2013 to 6 venues across the UK.




For the next stage, Berkavitch is looking to recruit a network of shadow artists to join the cast and creative team during the rehearsal period.


Rehearsals are scheduled to take place at 6 different regional venues and at each location five shadow artists will be chosen to take on the role of Co-Director for one day each.


Artists with a background in poetry, dance, theatre, music or visual art and at any stage of their practice are all welcome to apply. A selection committee including Berkavitch, Choreographer Mikael “Marso” Rivere and representatives from the appropriate Venue Partner will choose successful applicants.


Unfortunately successful applicants will not receive a fee for their shadowing but will have travel and food expenses covered by the company. 


If selected, you will be invited to attend one day of rehearsals at the venue most suited to your location and skill set. For this day at this venue you shall take on the role of ‘Co-Director’ and will be required to offer opinion, workshop ideas and provide honest opinion relevant to the production and the story.


All Shadows will be offered the opportunity to attend an aditional workshop with Berkavitch and the dancers where they will create original collaborative pieces based on the theme of Shame. Each of these collaborative pieces will have potential to become curtain-raisers for the touring shows within the same region.


The tour is scheduled to run from March-May 2014.


This opportunity would be valuable to the artistic development of any and all artists looking to gain experience in working on larger scale spoken-word/collaborative cross-form theatre pieces.



Application ends December 28th 2013

If you are interested then please get in touch.

You'll need to include a youtube/soundcloud/tumblr link to an example of recent work and an answer to the following questions.


Why do you want to do this? (50 words)

What would you bring to this? (50 words)

Your details were sent successfully!

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