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To work with John Berkavitch and company on the Research and Development of spokenword-dance theatre show WRONG. 

About the project:


In January 2016, John Berkavitch and company will begin devising and rehearsal of an exciting new full-length spokenword-dance theatre show called WRONG.


The production is an integrated spoken-word and dance piece with live illustration, written and performed by poet John Berkavitch.


Berkavitch is joined on stage by four dancers/illustrators, who physically manipulate, interrogate, annotate and enable him to tell a story about having, becoming and being a dad.


A 20 minute scratch version of WRONG was devised in early 2015 and was performed at Curve Theatre Leicester and Breakin’ Convention at Saddler’s Wells 

The Role of the Emerging/emerged Artists


For the next stage of the project, Berkavitch has recruited 23 emerging artists from across the country to join the cast and creative team for a 3-day residential R&D period with the aim of developing models and techniques for generating material through cross-form work combining dance, spoken-word, music and digital content.


The R&D will take place in the Sackler Space at Roundhouse Camden between 26th - 28th Jan 2016 and is supported by Roundhouse, Apples and Snakes, Out-Spoken and

The 3 days will be lead by John Berkavitch and choreographer Ed Stephen.

There will be guest sessions in writing and choreography lead by Sabrina Mahfouz and Lali Ayguadé, as well as a sequence of talks and discussions with industry professionals including; music composition, by Royce Wood Junior and integrating digital content in theatre by Ross Sutherland.


The project also includes tickets to Out-Spoken at The Forge Camden on the 26th January 2016 featuring, Jack Underwood, Andy Craven-Griffiths, Nafeesa Hamid, Chagall Van Den Burg and Royce Wood Junior.


At the end of the 3 day residency the participants will be invited to perform as part of an informal sharing at Roundhouse on the evening of the 28th and 2 pieces from that sharing will also be selected for development as curtain raisers for Berkavitch’s new show WRONG during the Last Word Festival 2016.


The following emerging/emerged artists will be involved in this process


Adam Kammerling

Andreea Stan

April Farrant

Caroline Rowland

Claudia Quinn

Curtis Young

Flora Slorach

Gervase Gregory

Henry Ofori-Kuragu

James Jordan Johnson

Jenny Hibberd

Jessica Sweeney

Madi Maxwell-Libby

Mae-Li Evans

Marcus Joseph

Marvellous Fayose

Natasha Wort

Remi Graves

Reuben Field

Rhimes Lecointe

Solomon Ogunmefun-Brooker

Terri Donovan

Travis Alabanza

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